What we offer


 At the CLPA, no calendar, no pre-etablished outing schedules, no minibus, no qualified state instructor. We leave that to the underground safaris and to the CVL...




Our specificity , is conviviality and emulation thanks to the help and participation of every one.


In a word, a club " in the old manner " as there are no longer lots of them.


Various activities :

Regional or farther standard outings (Pyrénées, Vercors...) prospection and desobstruction on the surface or outings with topographic or photographic object, canyons as soon as the fine days are coming : during the weekdays or the weekends the CLPA'S members hold the country.



Various equipment :

At the CLPA you will find all the necessary epuipment to satisfy your passion : ropes, lashings, kits for topographies or desobstructions. The person in charge will know how to guide you in your choice.


Our refuge :

Do you want to breathe a pure air or to have a good time with some friends ?
Make your way to the Saint Martin de la Vacquerie (HERAULT), between Seranne, and Larzac. You will be close to the Vis Valley, within a couple of paces of the finest classic in the region.



Friendship and high spirits :

With about fifty members every year, men and women, " from 7 to 77 years old ", all united by the same dynamism, the CLPA has always been a great team of friends.



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